Our Story

Food has always been a great connector for my family.
My best childhood memories are always vacationing at my grandparent’s house in Brazil.
I can still recall the smell of their house and the flavor of their meals.
The kitchen was the best place to be and where all the good conversations started.
I wanted to create the same memory for my own kids, but how?
Life seems much busier now! Thinking about feeding my family of five everyday on top of everything else I was already doing felt overwhelming and stressful. I knew in order to do that I had to make cooking simple and easy for me; that's when I went back to my roots and learned my grandmother's homemade recipe. My grandmother created this seasoning recipe more than 100 years ago, my mom used it every day, and now I am here making it possible for everyone.
My deepest desire is to reconnect people with their kitchen so they can nurture themselves and their family in a healthy, but also easy way.
Cooking is an universal expression of love, but it doesn't have to be complicated. It can be simple, healthy and delicious!
I truly hope Juju's Flavor helps you as much as it helps me!


Here's What People Are Saying About Juju's Flavor

"First night cooking with Juju's, my house smells delightful!" - Karen in California

"The flavor is divine. I am making my dinner faster and tasteful!" - Thais in Indiana

"Just used Juju's making mashed potatoes, it was the best I ever ate!" -  Erika in California

"My salmon came out delicious!"- Andrea in Michigan

"All my family is in love with JuJu's!" - Kathy in California

"We use Juju's on seriously every dish we make" - Amy in Colorado

"Loving your simple recipes! Loving your Juju's!  Perfect combination!" - Vivian in California